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Beverage machinery - automatic bottle washing machine form

Write time:2016-07-14
According to the degree of mechanization can be divided into manual beverage machinery, semi mechanical and automatic beverage machinery and beverage machinery.
Manual and semi mechanical type is a more old-fashioned washing machine, generally mentioned in front of the three methods are used to wash bottles, but is a single operation, and the structure is simple, the production capacity is small. Such as immersion is mainly a soak tank, manual operation and out of the bottle. The simplest of bottle brush machine foot - motor drives one or two (symmetric) brush to rotate, manual from the soaking tank will bottle remove, insert rotation session J sub, bottle brushing. The empty bottle with pressure water brush rinse, drain the bottle down. Hand washing bottle can be combined with the immersion tank and bottle washing machine.
Automatic bottle washing machine in the form of more, its basic feature is in a machine in the aforementioned three kinds of washing methods in one, two or three, until the bottle completely washed.
Automatic bottle washing machine by the bottle in machine flow and bottles, can be divided into single ended and double ended.
Single end is in the same side of the bottle washing machine out of the bottle, also known as back and forth, this form of space is compact, the conveyor belt in the machine without air travel, heat utilization rate is high, only one person operation, but easy to make clean bottle again pollution.
Double ended in and out of the bottle at both ends of the bottle washing machine, also known as straight, the return trip with a free stroke, space utilization is less than one end, but good health and reliability.
Automatic bottle washing machine according to the bottle washing into immersion cleaning, soaking jet, jet.
Immersion cleaning type is the bottle after soaking, using a rotary brush bottle brush. In general, wash with brush and only wash to wash water injection, this way of no oil bottle cleaning effect is good, the oil bottle not suitable.
Immersion jet is after several hot water or lye soaking trough continuous immersion and spray, or alternately soaked and jet cleaning. This form is easy to repair, the current application more.
Jet type does not have the immersion tank, only spray cleaning, simple and low cost, but with more pumps, power costs are high, generally used for the deformation of bottles and bottles of different specifications. Suitable for low and medium capacity machinery.
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