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    1. Installation and debugging

        After the machine arrives at the customer’s company, the professional debugging technicians arranged by our company will arrive within the agreed time to install and debug the equipment. We provide complete equipment diagram, electrical schematic diagram and electrical wiring diagram for free.

    2. Technical Training and Transfer

        After the installation and debugging on the equipment, the professional technicians will provide training for about 2 to 5 days, which refers to the standard operation procedures, on your operation technicians to help them understand the equipment functions, precautions and the way of maintenance.

    3. File

        We will provide the documents of FAT, SAT, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ and Equipment Operaration Guide and Maintenance Manual.

    4. Periodical Inspection

        We provide lifetime service and a years free service for each equipment. During this period of time, the technical service department will be on the tour technology service twice or third times a year. After the warranty period, check the operation status of the equipment regularly every six months, and timely adopt the customer feedback to use the information and opinions.

    5. Emergency Repair Service

        We guarantee that the technician of our company will reach the work site at the appointed time to debug at once.

    6. Parts and Specialized Materials Supply

        We guarantee that the each part of the machine and specialized materials are original. The quick-wear parts due to non-human damages can be replaced for free within a years warranty period. After the warranty period, we will be responsible for lifetime maintenance. If the damaged parts should be replaced, we will charge component cost only. Parts and specialized materials which are damaged artificially will also be charged component cost within a years warranty period.

    7. Exclusive Service

    (1) Free telephone/video consulation service.
    (2) Lebal guarantees that the professionals will respond to the customers requests in a short time ,arrive at the work site and debug with only a small amount of cost.

    (4) Lebal provides flexible technical support and annual maintenance plan for customers different demands.

    8. Service Hotline


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